ClevaMama ClevaFoam Baby Pillow (7201)


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The Cleva Foam® Baby Pillow is the ultimate pillow for combining comfort and support for your baby to ensure a peaceful and restful night?s sleep. Researched and developed with the University at Trinity College in Dublin, the Cleva Foam® Baby Pillow is the only pillow scientifically proven to reduce the pressure on the back of your baby?s head by 50% and increase support by 80%, thereby helping to prevent Flat Head Syndrome. Designed with safety in mind, Cleva Foam® is lightweight and breathable with reduced heat retention, making it suitable for use with babies. Manufactured using fabrics and foams that are hypo-allergenic, PH balanced and toxin free makes the pillow suitable for use with babies who suffer from asthma and allergies. The Air Flow? fabric draws away moisture and increases airflow and is also Oeko-Tex®100 certified for use with babies. Features: Pure luxury and comfort with perfect support. Made using scientifically proven Cleva Foam® to prevent Flat head Syndrome The pillow?s low profile helps keep your baby?s head and spine in alignment Suitable from 0-12 Months


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