Venicci ULTRALITE Group 0+ Car Seat-Black




Venicci ULTRALITE stands for the highest class of safety and for uniquely lightweight design in 0+(0 ? 13 kg) safety seat category. The innovative composite material makes the shell very light (2. 5kg) but it also absorbs a substantial part of energy during collisions, providing perfect protection for the baby. Venicci ULTRALITE is equipped with the unique pad, designed in cooperation with physiology and child development experts, providing safe and more comfortable positioning of the child in the safety seat. Application of this innovative technology vastly increases the safety of the child and it enhances correct physiology of baby’s body. Furthermore, the efficiency of child protection using ULTRALITE safety seat has been confirmed by means of tests performed in many European research laboratories. They have proven that ULTRALITE largely exceeds the requirements of i-Size standard. Additionally, one-point attachment system connecting seat harness with IQ ISOFIX base provides full integration with car?s ISOFIX system. Features: Correct mechanics and comfort of breathing of the child during the ride. Comfort adapted to physiological and biomechanical conditions of the child; it improves child?s positioning, limiting reflux, which in turn improves both the comfort and the safety of the child. Correct positioning of pelvis, torso and head of the child (maintaining straight line) increases the safety during a collision. Positioning angle of the child in the safety seat. Straight torso, legs bent as in a sitting posture ? that also offers better conditions for neutralizing the impact on child?s body during collision. The most reliable attachment to ISOFIX system of the car using innovative system of safety seat mounting directly into the safety seat base. Travel comfort thanks to using the pad that remembers the shape of the child. Increasing the safety of the child by using EPP material that reduces the force of side collision. Dimensions: Weight: 2. 5 Kg


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